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County Lines

Updated: May 11, 2021

County lines drug trafficking is a huge problem around the country. A particularly hard hit area is the South East. The trafficking of drugs is something that slips under our radars a lot but the repercussions on young people and crime is significant.

In a response to this Tic Box Productions were commissioned to create a show and workshop to address this issue. Originally the format was supposed to be on stage but during the lockdown this was not possible.

Undeterred, the company created a digital version of the show. Keeping its theatrical setting, the aim was to bring the experience into schools and work places. We worked closely with the company advising them on the best way to tackle this project.

Our first thought was to film the show in multi-cam set up, capturing different angles and moments and letting the actors run the piece in situ. This idea developed into creating more of a set up for each scene, allowing us to be a little more flexible with the types of shots and feel of the piece.

Over the two days we shot all of the script in a black box studio to keep the feel of it being on stage and also allowing the audience to focus on this sadly relatable experience.

To compliment the idea that this happens in the real world we also went out and shot a lot of B-Roll on the streets around the studio. This acted as a reminder that the issue was in real world but that the 'show' was set in a very neutral place.

The company were really pleased with the outcome and the film will be screened to 10's of thousands young people around the Essex area, followed by a workshop that delves deeper into the themes and acts as a preventative measure to tackle the County Lines drug problems.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that the film will have an impact on young people across the county and beyond.

Here is the trailer for the piece.

To find out more about the companies work see below.

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