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Big up The Big Act!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The Big Act are a performing arts college based in Bristol. Having moved to a new warehouse and expanded their training facilities, the company wanted to showcase their students work and building with new promotional videos.

We spent 3 days watching and capturing classes and performances with the students and their tutors. The content was to be aimed at giving The Big Act a range of social media videos that they could schedule in a campaign format across their channels.

Here is one of the montages we captured.

During lockdown the company have remained operating despite not being able to conduct face to face tuition with their students. This meant they had to adapt to a more Digital form of working. Classes were ongoing during the pandemic including tuition in movement, singing and acting over video conferencing.

The students performances were also being changed and we worked with The Big Act on a number of projects to live stream performances that were recorded on the students phones.

We also help to produce one of their singing performances by editing together a selection of home filmed performances into something that the students would be proud of.

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