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If you go down to the woods today......

The first shoot after lockdown. Luckily this was set to be outside in the woods so social distancing could still be kept.

As part of their Arts Council Funding, Flabbergast Theatre have been given the opportunity to create some new digital content for their upcoming production 'Macbeth'. Having recently previewed a work in progress at Wiltons Music Hall the company were eager to keep their creative juices flowing.

Tate Creations has come on board to help produce this content. With a larger shoot in the diary for later in the year we wanted to explore what would read well on screen with our sights set on creating a high end trailer for the show.

As dusk started the camera started rolling. Capturing the cast of 6 explore the characters and themes of the play. Covered in mud, ash and clay whilst surrounded by woodland vegetation the physically adventurous company set the scenes for some incredible content.

After setting up lighting that played with the natural shadows and the camera rig on a tripod, we started shooting around 9pm and continued until midnight. The tripod didn't get much use as the cast were moving constantly in an improvised exploration so we needed to match this by going handheld to follow the action. Creating a more informal and free capture.

We shot over an hour of footage, playing with fire, smoke and 'stage blood'. We captured the finer details in 120FPS (slow motion). It was a great first post lockdown shoot and the results are looking brilliant.

Dates are to be confirmed but we will be heading across the country for the final shoot with some exciting locations being marked on the map already.

To find out more about the company visit the site below

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