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Lets change it all!

What started with updating parts of the old website...feature that video, get rid of that one, edit that paragraph...transformed into a mammoth project!

As the company has progressed so to must its image. I started to go through the website not through my eyes (metaphorically of course!) but from a potential clients view. I have always enjoyed previewing all my work, so every time I did a new job I put the content up on the site.

In practice this sounds productive and useful but actually what you end up with a whole mishmash of different videos that for me make sense....because I filmed them.....but to others look like a badly constructed mosaic of content.

So after I was tweaking...everything....I decided that the format just wasn't working and I needed to start from scratch. It started with the is the evolution of my logo and let me apologise for the eye sore that is about to happen!

It is nice to do this from time to time. Don't just hide your previous attempts in a closet of shame. Look back once in a while and see the progress. I am sure that in a few years time I will look back at this last one and think...really,,,why?! Having said that, right now, I am happy with it.

The logo influenced a lot of my decisions with the website. I designed it in a dark tone as well as just the icon so I could give myself flexibility when sending on to people/designing future stuff.

I liked the white version, to me it says simple, clean and professional.

I took this little mantra and applied it to the videos I host on the site. I categorised my work into three groups. Trailers, Documenting and Live Events. I then went back through my most recent work that I am pleased with and I organised the footage into these categories.

This enabled me to be selective with what I want to say about my work, rather then just putting it all out there. My hope is that visitors to the site will be able to easily navigate and find what they need through these categories.

It was this moment when I realised I needed to edit and rearrange all of the videos on the site that I swiftly drank a beer and trying to persuade myself not to do it!

After weeks of editing and changing all the text on the site I am thankful I made the effort. It has already encouraged me to reach out to new jobs and companies as I now have something that I am really proud of for others to sift through.

The blog section encourages me to keep the site fresh and means there is a reason for people to come back.

Have a browse through and it soon as I have no doubt that the time will come again when I start tweaking and just.....Oh screw it, let's start again!

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